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    Rest in peace.


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    don’t blame women for the fact that someone they trusted betrayed them in such an intimate way

    solidarity with my ladies

    for real i’m so sick of everyone blaming women when their asshole partners share their PRIVATE, CONSENSUAL pictures with the public



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    I made a small change to my OKC profile

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    this was worth reading

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    I think you got a little apricot on your beard…

  8. well of course #yummyinmytummy (at Palace Dumplings)


  9. "if the high heel is an accessory of female power—and if the definition of female power is sexual—that power has a very short shelf life. Is a 90-year-old woman in spike heels powerful or silly? Is a 12-year-old girl in spike heels powerful or inappropriate? So at what point is a woman allowed to be powerful? If her power is based simply on her sexuality, then that’s a very limited amount of time that women are permitted to be powerful."
    elizabeth semmelhack

  10. happy easter! #lecarousel (at Bryant Park)